Our Expertise and Networks


Our team holds over 150 years of experience in the field of metabolomics, have forged networks and partnerships spanning academia, industry and government, and are involved in activities both pioneering and developing the future of metabolomics.

Our experts: the Directors

Expert Group Involvement

Our experts are involved in task and expert groups across the field of metabolomics, leading change and development in the sector. 

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Expert Group Leadership

Working alongside academic, industry and government institutions, we undertake activities developing best practice in metabolomics, such as the OECD group Metabolomics Reporting Framework (MRF) (Viant - Chair) which aims to establish standards for reporting toxicological metabolomics, and the Metabolomics Quality Assurance and Quality Control Consortium (mQACC) (Dunn - Chair), which works to address key quality assurance and quality control issues in the untargeted metabolomics field. More broadly, our team represent the field at high-level international groups such as the OECD Expert Advisory Group on Molecular Screening and Toxicogenomics (EAGMST) (Viant).
We engage with our colleagues and peers, addressing barriers in metabolomics and supporting development and growth in the field through Metabolomics Society task groups, in areas such as Metabolite Identification (Dunn - Chair), Model Organism Metabolomes (Viant - Chair), Data Standards (Viant - Member), Data Quality (Dunn, Viant - Members) and the Conference and Training Commitee (Dunn - Member).

Professional Sector Engagement & Development

We engage, promote and advance professional networks within metabolomics, accellerating future development and growth of the sector.

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Professional Engagement

Our team are heavily involved in the Metabolomics Society, with several undertaking leadership positions, such as President (Viant, 2012-13), Director (Viant, 2008-15, Dunn, 2010-15, Weber 2019-Current), and two Lifetime Honorary Fellowships (Viant, Dunn). Our team founded and developed the society's Early-career Members Network (EMN), supporting researchers new to the field (Viant, Weber).

Training & Development

Our partner organisation, the Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre (BMTC), provides training to empower the next generation of metabolomics researchers, was co-founded by our team (Viant, Dunn, Weber, Winder), and is now primarily operated by Dr Cate Winder (Training and Operations Lead) and Professor Warwick Dunn (Director).
The BMTC has provided both face-to-face and online metabolomics training to scientists from over 340 organisations, across 55 different countries and 5 continents.

Grant Review Panels

Our experts sit on grant application panels, and have revied grant applications for funding organisations such as NERCBBSRCMRCEPSRCWellcome Trust, Royal Society, NC3Rs, British Heart Foundation, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, and the National Institutes of Health.



We create, support and develop the publication of high quality research.

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Editorial Boards

Our experts sit on the editorial boards of journals such as Metabolomics (Viant - Member, Dunn - Reviews Editor), Molecular Phenomics (Viant), and Scientific Data (Viant).

Original Research

Our Directors publish outstanding research, driving excellence in their fields. For a full list of publications, please see Google Scholar links below.

Professor Mark Viant
Executive Director
Mark's Google Scholar link (external website)

Professor Warwick Dunn
Director of Mass Spectrometry
Rick's Google Scholar link (external website)

Dr Christian Ludwig
Director of NMR spectroscopy
Christian's Google Scholar link (external website)

Dr Ralf Weber
Director of Bioinformatics

Ralf's Google Scholar link (external website)

Our full list of publications is too long to put here, but our Directors have selected some 
defining publications for themes and techniques below:

Publications by Theme

Toxicological Metabolomics

Use Cases, Best Practice and Reporting Standards for Metabolomics in Regulatory Toxicology, Nature Communications 10, Article number 3041 (2019)
 Impact Factor 11.8  
M. R. Viant, T. M. D. Ebbels, R. D. Beger, D. R. Ekman, D. J. T. Epps, H. Kamp, P. E. G. Leonards, G. D. Loizou, . I. MacRae, B. van Ravenzwaay, P. Rocca-Serra, R. M. Salek, T. Walk and R. J. M. Weber

Metabolomics Discovers Early-Response Metabolic Biomarkers that Can Predict Chronic Reproductive Fitness in Individual Daphnia magna, Metabolites 8, 42 (2018)
N. S. Taylor, A. Gavin and M. R. Viant

Clinical Metabolomics

Molecular phenotyping of a UK population: defining the human serum metabolome, Metabolomics, 11, 9-26 (2015)
W. B. Dunn, W. Lin, D. Broadhurst, P. Begley, M. Brown, E. Zelena, A. A. Vaughan, A. Halsall, N. Harding, J. D. Knowles, S. Francis-McIntyre, A. Tseng, D. I. Ellis, S. O’Hagan, G. Aarons, B. Benjamin, S. Chew-Graham, C. Moseley, P. Potter, C. L. Winder, C. Potts, P. Thornton, C. McWhirter, M. Zubair, M. Pan, A. Burns, J. K. Cruickshank, G. C. Jayson, N. Purandare, F. C. W. Wu, J. D. Finn, J. N. Haselden, A. W. Nicholls, I. D. Wilson, R. Goodacre and D. B. Kell

Enhanced Fatty Acid Scavenging and Glycerophospholipid Metabolism Accompany Melanocyte Neoplasia Progression in Zebrafish, Cancer Research, 79(9), 2136-2151 (2019)
F. Henderson, H. R. Johnston, A. P. Badrock, E. A. Jones, D. Forster, R. T. Nagaraju, C. Evangelou, J. Kamarashev, M. Green, M. Fairclough, I. Barinaga-Rementeria Ramirez, S. He, B. Ewa Snaar-Jagalska, K. Hollywood, W. B. Dunn, H. P. Spaink, M. P. Smith, P. Lorigan, E. Claude, K. J. Williams, A. W. McMahon and A. Hurlstone

AKR1C3-mediated adipose androgen generation drives lipotoxicity in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism,  102(9), 3327-3339 (2017)
M. W. O’Reilly, P. Kempegowda, M. Walsh, A. E. Taylor, K. N. Manolopoulos, J. W. Allwood, R. K. Semple, D. Hebenstreit, W. B Dunn, J. W. Tomlinson and W. Arlt

Computational Metabolomics

The metaRbolomics Toolbox in Bioconductor and beyond, Metabolites 9 (10), 200 (2019)
J. Stanstrup, C. D. Broeckling, R. Helmus, N. Hoffmann, E. Mathé, T. Naake, L.  Nicolotti, K. Peters, J. Rainer, R. M. Salek, T. Schulze, E. L. Schymanski, M. A. Stravs, E. A. Thévenot, H. Treutler, R. J. M. Weber, E. Willighagen, M. Witting and S. Neumann

msPurity: automated evaluation of precursor ion purity for mass spectrometry-based fragmentation in metabolomics, Analytical Chemistry 89 (4), 2432-2439 (2017)
T. N. Lawson, R. J. M. Weber, M. R. Jones, A. J. Chetwynd, G. Rodrı́guez-Blanco, R. Di Guida, M. R. Viant and W. B. Dunn

Galaxy-M: a Galaxy workflow for processing and analyzing direct infusion and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry-based metabolomics data, GigaScience 5 (1) (2016)
R. L. Davidson, R. J. M. Weber, H. Liu, A. Sharma-Oates and M. R. Viant

PhenoMeNal: processing and analysis of metabolomics data in the cloud, GigaScience 8, (2) (2019)
K. Peters, J. Bradbury, S. Bergmann, M. Capuccini, M. Cascante, P. de Atauri, T. M. D. Ebbels, C. Foguet, R. Glen, A. Gonzalez-Beltran, U. L. Günther, E. Handakas, T. Hankemeier, K. Haug, S. Herman, P. Holub, M. Izzo, D. Jacob, D. Johnson, F. Jourdan, N. Kale, I. Karaman, B. Khalili, P. E. Khonsari, K. Kultima, S. Lampa, A. Larsson, C. Ludwig, P. Moreno, S. Neumann, J. A. Novella, C. O'Donovan, J. T. M. Pearce, A. Peluso, M. E. Piras, L. Pireddu, M. A. C. Reed, P. Rocca-Serra, P. Roger, A. Rosato, R. Rueedi, C. Ruttkies, N. Sadawi, R. M Salek, S. Sansone, V. Selivanov, O. Spjuth, D. Schober, E. A. Thévenot, M. Tomasoni, M. van Rijswijk, M. van Vliet, M. R. Viant, R. J. M. Weber, G. Zanetti, C. Steinbeck

Publications by Technique

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS)

Procedures for large-scale metabolic profiling of serum and plasma using gas chromatography and liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry, Nature Protocols, 6, 1060-83 (2011)  Impact Factor 15   Citations <1,000 
W. B. Dunn, D. Broadhurst, P. Begley, E. Zelena, S. Francis-McIntyre, N. Anderson, M. Brown, J. D. Knowles, A. Halsall, J. N. Haselden, A. W. Nicholls, I. D. Wilson, D. B. Kell, R. Goodacre, and the Human Serum Metabolome (HUSERMET) Consortium

Guidelines and considerations for the use of system suitability and quality control samples in mass spectrometry assays applied in untargeted clinical metabolomic studies, Metabolomics, 14(6), p.72 (2018)
D. Broadhurst, R. Goodacre, S.N. Reinke, J. Kuligowski, I. D. Wilson, M. R. Lewis and W.B. Dunn

Investigation of the 12-month stability of dried blood and urine spots applying untargeted UHPLC-MS metabolomic assays, Analytical Chemistry, 91(22), 14306-14313 (2019)
E. A. Palmer, H .J. Cooper and W. B. Dunn

International Ring Trial of a High Resolution Targeted Metabolomics and Lipidomics Platform for Serum and Plasma Analysis, Analytical Chemistry, 91(22), 14407-14416 (2019)
J. W. Thompson, K. J. Adams, J. Adamski, Y. Asad, D. Borts, J. A. Bowden, G. Byram, V. Dang, W. B. Dunn, F. Fernandez, O. Fiehn, D. A. Gaul, A. F. Hühmer, A. Kalli, T. Koal, S. Koeniger, R. Mandal, F. Meier, F. J. Naser, D. O'Neil, A. Pal, G. J. Patti, H. Pham-Tuan, C. Prehn, F. I. Raynaud, T. Shen, A. D. Southam, L. S. John-Williams, K. Sulek, C. G. Vasilopoulou, M. R. Viant, C. L. Winder, D. Wishart, L. Zhang, J. Zheng and M. A. Moseley

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy

Quantitative Lipoprotein Subclass and Low Molecular Weight Metabolite Analysis in Human Serum and Plasma by 1H NMR Spectroscopy in a Multilaboratory Trial, Analytical Chemistry, 90, 11962-11971 (2018)
B. Jiménez, E. Holmes, C. Heude, R. F. Tolson, N. Harvey, S. L. Lodge, A. J. Chetwynd, C. Cannet, F. Fang, J. T. M. Pearce, M. R. Lewis, M. R. Viant, J. C. Lindon, M. Spraul, H. Schäfer and J. K. Nicholson

Direct Infusion Mass Spectrometry (DIMS)

A complete workflow for high-resolution spectral-stitching nanoelectrospray direct infusion mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and lipidomics, Nature Protocols 12, 310-328 (2017)  Impact Factor 15 
A. D. Southam, R. J. M. Weber, J. Engel, M. R. Jones and M. R. Viant

Direct infusion mass spectrometry metabolomics dataset: a benchmark for data processing and quality control, Scientific Data 1, Article 140012 (2014)
J. A. Kirwan, R. J. M. Weber, D. I. Broadhurst and M. R. Viant

PCB Directors

Mark ViantProfessor Mark Viant
Executive Director

Warwick DunnProfessor Warwick Dunn
Director of Mass Spectrometry

Christian-LudwigDr Christian Ludwig
Director of NMR Spectroscopy

Ralf Weber 2Dr Ralf Weber
Director of Bioinformatics


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