The existence of God: a philosophical introduction

Yujin Nagasawa’s new book The Existence of God: A Philosophical Introduction has been published from Routledge.

Book cover of Yujin Nagasawa's 'The Existence of God'In this book Nagasawa discusses the endeavors of philosophers and scientists over thousands of years to prove God’s existence and to explain the source of everything there is. Nagasawa introduces, without presupposing any background knowledge of philosophy or science, several of the most compelling and historically prominent arguments for the existence of God and analyzes them critically.

He situates his discussion in a wider context than is ordinarily provided in scholarly volumes and textbooks by addressing the historical background and implications of the arguments for real-life controversies. He also provides fascinating biographical episodes that illustrate the passions, beliefs and struggles of the philosophers and scientists who have tackled the challenge of proving the existence of God.

While discussing the arguments Nagasawa explores some of the deepest philosophical questions, including the concept of God, science versus religion, the origin of the universe, the nature of infinity, and the meaning of life.

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