Biodiversity and Ecology

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We are a team of interdisciplinary ecologists working around the general theme of biodiversity change. We work across multiple ecosystems, taxa, spatial and temporal scales, and methodological approaches. This allows us to provide the scientific basis for both applied and theoretical questions related to biodiversity change.

Our inter-disciplinary group's work spans the theoretical, empirical and methodological spheres and often involves the combination of large datasets and complex biological models. We work on a variety of different systems, including tropical forests, peat lands, urban areas and oceanic islands, and a range of taxonomic groups, including plants, birds, arthropods and carnivorous mammals. Our work often has an applied focus, and recent questions we have focused on in this regard include examining how: 1) multiple global change drivers interact to affect biodiversity at different scales; 2) the impacts of urbanisation on different components of biodiversity; 3) the interactions between vegetation and environmental change at large scales; and 4) the processes that control the provision of key ecosystem services in global peatlands.

Research areas

Current research in the group spans:

  • Urban Ecology
  • Island Biogeography 
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Forest Ecology
  • Theoretical Ecology
  • Movement Ecology

Research funding

We are currently funded through a diverse pool of sources (e.g. ERC, NERC, EPSRC and the Leverhulme Trust). 

Postgraduate opportunities

PhD Funding Sources

We are part of the CENTA DTP which is the first port of call for funding, but other opportunities are often available, and we are always keen to talk to potential students about opportunities.