Early stage researchers and projects

ESR Number Individual Research Project (title) Host Institution ESR Name
ESR 1 Applications of PTR-MS to Disease Monitoring UoB TBA
ESR 2 Trace Detection of Threat Agents UoB TBA
ESR 3  Emissions of biogenic VOCs from flora and their potential   as a measure of atmospheric stress OU TBA
ESR 4 Fundamental & Applications of Proton Transfer Reactions OU TBA
ESR 5 Improvements in Sampling Inlet Systems ION TBA
ESR 6  Improvement of a direct aqueous injection inlet systems ION TBA
ESR 7 The role of flavour compounds in the perception of food by nose-space analysis FEM TBA
ESR 8 Analysis of organic particulate matter by PTR-MS UIBK TBA
ESR 9 Diet and breath metabolites: investigating dietary fibre action on gut microflora UNINA TBA
ESR 10 Analytical chemometric tools for the characterization & authentication of agricultural produce RIKILT TBA
ESR 11 Towards a consumer-centric and individualized aroma science and their link to diet and health ZHAW TBA
ESR 12 Determining OH reactivity in various environments CNRS TBA
ESR 13 Emissions of biogenic VOCs & their photochemical transformation Jülich TBA
ESR 14 Application of volatile biomarkers for medical diagnosis UR TBA
ESR 15 Evaluation of short & midterm changes of VOCs in the breath gas of mice and humans with a metabolic phenotype HMGU TBA