Professor Ian Apperly

Professor Ian Apperly

Professor of cognition and development
Director of Research for the School of Psychology

Ian Apperly is an experimental psychologist, and his main research interest is in “mindreading” – the ability to take other people’s perspectives for communication, co-operation, competition or deception. He is the author of over 80 journal articles, and the 2010 book, entitled “Mindreaders: The cognitive basis of theory of mind”.

Dr Sarah Beck

Dr Sarah Beck

Reader in Cognitive Development

Sarah Beck - Research in 60 seconds videoMy research examines children’s and adults’ thinking about time and knowledge. I am interested in how children become able to speculate about events in the past and future and how they handle uncertainty, and how adults’ apparently sophisticated thinking in these areas is often irrational. More information about my research and my lab can be found at

Dr Andrea Krott

Dr Andrea Krott

Senior Lecturer

Andrea Krott is a psycholinguist interested in language acquisition and the neural underpinning of language processing. Her current main research interest is the interplay of language acquisition and language processing with general cognitive functions.

PhD and visiting Students

Nicola Cutting

Amélie Gourdon

Kate Graham

Katerina Kantartzis

Elsa Loissell

Katherine Mumford

Nina Powell

Laurie Powis

Simon Snape

Chrysi Stefanidou

Andrew Surtees

Jane Waite

Jessica Wang

Daniel Weisberg