The EBRU facilities include several large testing rooms, individual subject booths, a video suite for observational analysis, an Infant and Child laboratory and a fully fitted kitchen.

We have equipment for monitoring heart rate and blood pressure (Dinamap pro-series 100-400) and analysing whole body composition (TANITA body fat scale). 

Research in the Infant and Child Laboratory focuses on how parents interact with their infants and children when eating, involving how parents feed their children, the different feeding practices that parents use, and the child characteristics that make some children easy or more difficult to feed.

In addition, the Birmingham University Imaging Centre (BUIC) that is an inter-disciplinary research centre dedicated to the study of the human brain, allows us to use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques, to investigate the involvement of specific brain regions in food cue processing as well as the role of attention and memory in food choice, food intake and dietary control.