Cognitive neuroimaging research - School of Psychology

Stroop testThe Cognitive Neuroimaging group uses multimodal neuroimaging techniques (structural and functional MRI, EEG, MEG) to analyse the neural architecture (cortical areas and their connectivity) mediating visual cognition in complex environments. 

The group works on the development of new analysis techniques for visualisation and quantification of multimodal imaging data and the optimisation of advanced mathematical approaches for the analysis of rich and complex data.

The development of these multidisciplinary tools has direct applications for translational research in ageing and neurological disorders with potential impact for the prevention and treatment of nervous system disorders. 

Research Topics

  • Coherent visual perception of objects and scenes
  • Visual word recognition and reading
  • Multisensory integration
  • Brain imageVisual categorisation
  • Perceptual decisions
  • Learning and cortical plasticity
  • Cognitive Ageing 

Current Grants

  • ESRC
  • Research into Ageing