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At the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, we are leaders in railway science and education. 

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Our impact and strategic direction

Download our annual report (PDF - 1.7 MB) and strategic plan (PDF - 985 KB) to find out how we are making an impact on the world’s railways, now and over the next 7 years.

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With over 130 academics, researchers and professional support staff, we deliver world class research and thought leadership within railways, and offer an expanding portfolio of high-quality education programmes. Our close relationships with the rail industry mean that our research and teaching draws in real-world situations. By studying in depth what is happening across the world's railways, we prepare our graduates for the challenges of the future.

We embody the University of Birmingham’s traditions of purposeful and pioneering research and are able to draw on a diverse group of experts from around the University to take a multi-disciplinary approach. Our size and reputation means that we can partner with other institutions to provide a comprehensive research capability.

Our perspective is truly international and we collaborate closely with many overseas universities. We also welcome undergraduates and post-graduates from around the world to study and research with us, joining our 200+ student population. We’re excited by the transformational power of railways. We believe that rail has a vital role in creating the world of tomorrow and are developing the people to lead it.

Professor Clive Roberts, Director of the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, said: 

These are exciting times for Railways. Society relies on railway systems more than ever before: they have become integral to how people live and economies grow in the 21st Century. At the BCRRE, we are having impact across the Globe to enhance the future success of Railways as a safe, fast, high capacity and environmentally and customer friendly transport mode