Alex Dexter

Doctoral Researcher 
Physical Sciences of Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences CDT

Completed in 2016 and moved into post-doctoral research.

Thesis project - "Unique Combination of MSI and SRS for Enhanced Informationand Imaging Metrology"

Dr Josephine Bunch, National Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry Imaging - National Physical Laboratory
Professor Helen Cooper, School of Biosciences
Dr Iain Styles, School of Computer Science

MSI and Raman microscopy are both extremely powerful imaging techniques in pharmaceutical research. Mass spectrometry imaging can provide spatial mapping of molecules of interest in a variety of samples but is currently not a quantitative technique. Raman microscopy can be considered quantitative but is limited to vibrational bond information, and many different molecules can have peaks at similar wavelengths and are thus hard to distinguish. The combination of these two techniques has the potential for fully quantitative molecular imaging for the monitoring of drug delivery, action, and metabolic response. We propose to develop methodologies for combining these two techniques with a view towards improving the fundamental understanding of the processes involved in image formation. This will involve the development of novel data processing methods for combination of the two different types of data, including registration of the images followed by correlation of the relevant spectral information for each technique. Statistical modelling of the data will be necessary to better understand the fundamental processes in image formation. These improvements will then be applied to analysis of drug distribution and metabolism in tissue sections.