Christopher Stepanek

Doctoral researcher
Physical Sciences of Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences CDT

Thesis project - "Luminescent Nanoparticles Coated with Cell Penetrating Peptides to Probe Intracellular Delivery"

Professor Zoe Pikramenou, School of Chemistry
Dr Nik Hodges, School of Biosciences
Dr Steve Thomas, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
Dr Iain Styles, School of Computer Science

Nanometer-sized metal probes provide miniature scaffolds for the attachment of probe molecules to: a) increase sensitivity of detection, b) provide detection by different microscopy modalities with variable contrast limits and c) act as carriers of targeting agents. We will develop nanoparticles coated with luminescent probes and targeting vectors for intracellular delivery. We will use novel metal probes with strong luminescence signal and good photostability. We will use different targeting vectors to assess localisation of the nanoparticles in cells. We will use different imaging techniques to assess nanoparticle targeting in cells.