Developing new molecular probes: Multimodal imaging agents for tracking cells

Project completed 2014. 

Professor Michael Hannon, School of Chemistry
Professor Zoe Pikramenou, School of Chemistry
Professor David Adams, Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy
Dr Hamid Dehghani, School of Computer Science

This project will seek to:

(i) Develop novel multimodal probes for cell labelling by the co--encapsulation of approved clinical contrast agents in nano--assembled shells. The design will incorporate high multimodal response, efficient uptake and retention in cells, biocompatibility and immediate clinical use;

(ii) Develop and optimise novel encapsulated probes for improved multimodality, contrast, uptake into cells, cellular retention, biocompatibility and cellular viability;

(iii) Develop pulse sequences and setup for multinuclear MRI;

(iv) Develop algorithms for the co--registration of images from the different modalities, and for the location and quantification of the cells.