Development of Fluorophore-tagged DNA probes for Cellular Imaging Applications

Project completed 2014.

Professor Jim Tucker, School of Chemistry
Dr John Wilkie, School of Chemistry
Dr Hamid Dehghani, School of Computer Science
Professor Gerard Nash, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences 
Professor Roy Bicknell, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences 


1. To develop a novel imaging strategy for localising specific DNA or mRNA in living cells.

2. To optimise design of fluorophore-tagged oligonucleotide probes that function through changes in fluorescence emission upon DNA duplex formation. These will effectively detect and localise complementary paired strands within cells.

3. To optimise regimes for loading probes into cells and imaging their location by fluorescence.

4. To develop imaging methods based on match- or mismatch-pairs to accurately screen patients' DNA for SNPs associated with diseases with a genetic component.

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