Development of novel fluorescent molecular probes and synchotron imaging techniques to study the uptake of metallo-cylinder drugs

Project completed in 2015.


Professor Michael Hannon, School of Chemistry
Dr Nik Hodges, School of Biosciences
Drs Tina Geraki / Burkhard Kaulich, Diamond Light Source
Dr Hamid Dehghani, School of Computer Science

Project Aims:

To develop new fluorescent molecular probes and imaging techniques, including synchrotron imaging, in order to image metallo-cylinder uptake, localisation and trafficking in cancer cell lines in order to better understand activity.

Scientific Outcomes:

To develop new molecular probes and techniques that will allow us to understand how the metallo-cylinder enters the cell, localises inside the cell and binds to DNA. These findings will then be compared to other metallo-based drugs and will provide a better understanding of the metallo cylinders action and give guidance in future synthetic designs in the metallo-drug field.