Hayley Floyd

Doctoral Researcher 
Physical Sciences of Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences CDT

Thesis project - "Investigating metallic implant debris and soft tissue interactions"

Professor Liam Grover, School of Chemical Engineering
Professor Janet Lord, Institute of Inflammation and Ageing
Professor Edward Davies, Royal Orthopeadic Hospital
Dr Hamid Dehghani, School of Computer Science
Professor Owen Addison, School of Dentistry 

Debris generated by metallic prosthetics has been shown to have an important role in the long-term functionality of a range of implants.  Although the generation of particles on the microscale from in vitro wear simulations has been investigated and the in vitro biological responses to these particles have been reported, there is still a significant gap in the knowledge with respect to how the particles become distributed within a tissue and what affect particulate and ionic debris has on the surrounding soft tissue. This project has focused on two aspects; (i) the influence of the wear products on tissue assembly using an in-vitro model of extracellular matrix formation and multi-modal imaging techniques and (ii) determining how wear particles are distributed through tissue surrounding revised implants using novel XRF (X-Ray fluorescence) and XANES (X-Ray Absorbance Near Edge Spectroscopy) techniques to gain spectral information spatially.  This work will enable a significant improvement of our knowledge of the long-term biological implication of wear products in prosthesis performance and to the techniques for imaging debris products in ex vivo tissue.