Novel approaches for assaying and imaging in vitro wound healing

Project completed 2015. 


Professor Paul Cooper, School of Dentistry
Professor Gabriel Landini, School of Dentistry
Dr Richard Shelton, School of Dentistry
Dr Iain Styles, School of Computer Science

This project is developing new Image and vision computing technology relating to biomedical research and healthcare. Novel approaches are being explored and applied in both 2D and 3D, colour and monochrome computational image analysis in domains including feature and pattern analysis, computer-based image interpretation, time-lapse video images, and machine learning. In further addressing the physical sciences remit of the EPSRC we are better characterising the effect of the interaction of laser light (electromagnetic radiation generated by optical amplification of the stimulated emission of photons) with cells. Overall we are developing novel automated computational and quantitative imaging approaches based on image spatial reasoning for application to in vitro biological models/systems which will enable development of new and disruptive approaches for altering cell behaviour and which promote tissue repair.