About us

The Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Mental Health (CEIMH) was funded as one of the 74 Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) Centres of Excellence in Teaching and Learning from 2005-2010.  

CEIMH promotes excellence, innovation and creativity in the delivery of interdisciplinary mental health teaching, learning and research. Drawing on the expertise of academics and practitioners in education, nursing, psychiatry, psychology and social work, as well as service users and carers, CEIMH has created teaching and learning resources and undertaken research and consultancy with a view to transforming understandings of, and responses to, mental distress and ill health.

CEIMH is part of the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, School of Social Policy at the University of Birmingham.


Our website provides access to the high quality, flexible, teaching and learning resources that we developed from 2005-2010, in collaboration with mental health academics and practitioners, service users and carers.  

An account of CEIMH's creation, development and impact can be found in Embedding Spaces for Change (2010). This final report to HEFCE reflects CEIMH's achievements and legacy, as well as the challenges faced by CEIMH in developing teaching and learning innovation and 'making mental health visible' in Higher Education.

Part 1: Statistical information
Part 2: Reflective evaluation
Part 3: Appendices

For further information on the approach taken to the evaluation of CEIMH, please contact Angus McCabe, a.j.mccabe@bham.ac.uk.