The Tidal Model

Developed from the work of Phil Barker and Poppy Buchanan-Barker, the Tidal Model is a different philosophical approach to the art of helping people with mental health problems. The Tidal Model Handbook provides the background to the Model, outlines its key elements as well as indicating points for reflection and group discussion. A filmed example of holistic interview is followed by a group of service users discussing each of the ten Tidal Model Commitments in turn.

The Tidal Model
Jack's story
Commitment 1: Valuing the voice
Commitment 2: Respecting the language
Commitment 3: Developing genuine curiosity
Commitment 4: Becoming the apprentice
Commitment 5: Revealing personal wisdom
Commitment 6: Knowing that change is constant
Commitment 7: Using the available toolkit
Commitment 8: Crafting the next step beyond
Commitment 9: Giving the gift of time
Commitment 10: Being personally transparent

Tidal Model Handbook

Download a copy of the Tidal Model Handbook (PDF)