CHASM is based jointly in the School of Social Policy and the Birmingham Business School within the College of Social Sciences. CHASM forms part of the University of Birmingham's £60 million 'Circles of Influence' campaign. For more information on the Campaign and how you can support CHASM.

At a time of increasing economic uncertainty and growing inequality, the UK like other advanced economies, has seen a shift from collective welfare provision towards private individual responsibility and risk.  However, many people do not have the financial means or capability to manage this effectively.  CHASM's role is to explore the ongoing changes to financial security.

The aim of CHASM is to provide a focus for world-class research on the role of assets and their distribution in people's lives from pensions to housing to financial savings.

CHASM is the first university-based, interdisciplinary research centre to focus on:

  • Financial security
  • Financial capabilities 
  • Financial inclusion
  • Taxation

Our mission

CHASM's mission is to carry out world-class research on wealth and financial security.

  • Carry out cutting edge, rigorous, relevant, innovative and timely research projects and PhD research
  • Engage stakeholders from different sectors to make an impact on policy and practice in our key areas
  • Create an international research and policy network to share and disseminate the latest knowledge
  • Contribute to teaching specialist modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels