Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM)

CHASM is a research centre based jointly in the School of Social Policy and Birmingham Business School. The aim of CHASM is to provide a focus for world-class research on financial security, financial inclusion, financial capability and wealth taxation.



Our mission is to carry out world-class research on wealth and financial security.



Our research focuses on financial security, financial capabilities, financial inclusion and taxation



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Inter-generational Financial Giving and Inequality

A new book by CHASM's Karen Rowlingson makes a major contribution to our understanding of 21st century families in Britain through an exploration of intergenerational relationships.

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Latest News

Posted 24 November 2017

Taking a look at taxation and household budgets

Andy Lymer in the Birmingham Perspective: "The Chancellor froze VAT thresholds for small businesses starting to have to charge VAT to their customers. This matters to the same people as this will mean more businesses having to charge people VAT than would have been the case before - the same people who will receive this 4.4% increase may find they get hit with a 20% extra cost on the services and goods they buy from smaller traders."

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