Research in CHASM

The Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM) is the first university-based, interdisciplinary research centre to focus on:

  • Financial inclusion
  • Financial transfers and tax
  • Financial capability
  • Financial assets

CHASM has three cross-cutting themes running throughout its research.

  • Variations across countries
  • The impact of demographic change, including population ageing
  • The role of the state, financial services sector, employers, third sector and individuals/families  

Current research

  • Wellbeing and tenure - does home ownership really add up for social tenants?
    James Gregory, Andy Lymer, and Louise Overton
  • The tenant's journey - social housing and life chances
    James Gregory, Andy Lymer and Louise Overton
  • Financial resilience in later life
    Louise Overton
  • Working for better European pensions
    Paul Cox

Previous research