Global Communities Research

Members of the Global Communities Research Group have excellent links with police and community and other practitioners, enabling rich and exploratory study of community-based strategies.

Research highlights


Superdiversity - Civil society and new migrants in superdiverse contexts, Marie Curie Fellowship (2014-2017)
Susanne Wessendorf and Jenny Phillimore


KING - Knowledge for Integration Governance - developing policy recommendations for the post-Stockholm Migrant Integration in the EU programme (2013-2015)
Jenny Phillimore

Causes and experiences of poverty among refugees and asylum seekers in the UK: Review of evidence (2013)
Nando Sigona

Precarious status, migration governance and new geographies of mobility (2013-2017)
Nando Sigona

Migration regimes, models of citizenship and experiences of statelessness amongst Roma in Italy and the UK (2013-2014)
Nando Sigona


The role of social capital in refugee integration (2012-2013)
Jenny Phillimore

In protracted limbo: Transitions to adulthood and life trajectories of former unaccompanied migrant children in Europe (2012-2014)
Nando Sigona

Migrant Maternity: putting knowledge into practice (2012
Jenny Phillimore

Poverty and economic migrants in the UK in an era of superdiversity (2012)
Simon Pemberton

 More research from across the School of Social Policy