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Discussion Paper series

This new series of discussion papers is intended to highlight issues of policy concern; to encourage debate; and to influence policy and practice.

Good Housing: Better Health, by the Academic-Practitioner PartnershipDP1-2016 [PDF]
Good Housing: Better Health
By The Academic-Practitioner Partnership
This paper has been prepared by an informal partnership of academics, housing and regeneration practitioners, and housing and health researchers concerned with improving the United Kingdom's housing. The group includes three members of Housing and Communities Research: Alan Murie, Jon Stevens and Christopher Watson.

Good Housing: Better Health highlights the one-sided approach to housing policy today. It calls for a more balanced assessment of the country's housing requirements and a wider recognition of issues related to housing quality, such as health, energy efficiency, poverty and social inclusion. The paper provides an action plan to get housing quality back on the policy agenda and improve understanding of how significantly good housing contributes to better health.

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Journal Special Issue

Dr Richard Lang (TSRC Plowden Fellow in 2013) has co-edited a special issue of the International Journal of Co-operative Management on the theme of The Governance of Cooperative Housing: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives published in September 2013. Dr Francesco Minora who was a TSRC Visiting Fellow in 2012 has co-authored a paper in the special issue on Governing for Habitability. Self-organised communities in England and Italy with David Mullinsand Tricia Jones from TSRC and Housing and Communities Research Group.

International Journal of Co-operative Management on the theme of The Governance of Cooperative Housing: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives (PDF)