The following are publications relating to Leadership and Organisational Development. Our HSMC department pages have a full list of publications including our Newsletters and policy papers.

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Conference papers

7th International conference on Organisational Behaviour in Health Care: Mind the Gap? Policy and practice in the reform of health care, April 2010 (Birmingham).  Paper presentation: PDPs as cultural performance.

Davidson, D and Neumann, J (2009)
It Depends: Relative Dependency in Organisational Development and Change Education and Consultancy, Academy of Management Summer Conference, Chicago, 2009.

Freeman, T, 8th International conference on Leadership December 2009 (Birmingham): Paper presentation: Politicians, moral champions, guardians and charismatics: NHS management trainees make sense of leadership theory.

Freeman, T, Dickinson, H and Robinson, S, Qualitative Health Research, October 2009 (Vancouver): Paper presentation: Follow the leader? Identity construction, control and the health service manager.

Freeman, T, 6th International Critical Management Conference, July 2009 (Warwick): Paper presentation: UK public-sector leadership discourses: a Q-method study.