Managing across diverse networks


HSMC were commissioned under the "rapid response" framework to undertake a piece of literature review research on what the NHS can learn from other fields as well as from international experience on managing across diverse networks of organisations. We were asked to review and synthesise the literature on what exactly networks are and how they can be managed to examine selected fields in which networks are important,


This systematic review examines the subject of managing across diverse networks of care by drawing on lessons from various public and private sector literatures .It addresses the following four broad questions:

  • What strategies do organisations use to manage networks, and with what degree of effectiveness?
  • What internal capacities and capabilities are required to support the management of networks, and how are the roles of individuals within networks defined and managed?
  • By what means, and with what degree of effectiveness, can state and other bodies exercise governance over whole-system networks?
  • What are the main criteria by which we should judge the success or failure of strategies of management and governance of networks?


Full report Managing across diverse networks of care: lessons from other sectors (pdf; 2.58MB; opens in new window)

Date: 2004
Researchers: Nick Goodwin, Perri 6, Edward Peck, Tim Freeman, Rachel Posaner
Funder: The Service Development and Organisation (NHS R&D)