About Learning and organisational development research - HSMC

High quality, person centred and productive provision is central to the government's future vision for health and social care.

To support this vision the policy context is changing rapidly - new organisational forms are being promoted with a range of governance and ownership options; personalisation is transforming the relationship between provider and recipient, with people having greater choice and opportunity of buying their service direct from their provider of choice; markets are opening and competition between providers is intensifying.  Within the changing environment providers still need to ensure that services are delivered safely, efficiently and meet regulators' requirements, that staff are competent and motivated, and that cultures promote quality and innvovation.

The Quality & Innovation in Service Provision Programme supports provider organisations in responding to these challenges and opportunities. We use a framework of theory, research and evidence-based practice to deliver accredited learning, bespoke training and organisational evaluation and development. HSMC regularly works with a range of public and independent sector organisations that provide Primary and Community Health Services, Social Care, Acute Care, Mental Health Care and Integrated Care. Where appropriate for the needs of the organisation the Quality & Innovation in Service Provision Programme will access and incorporate elements from the other HSMC programmes and from other facilities in the University.