Options for primary care trust provider services: an evidence-based analysis

This report has been commissioned in order to make a contribution to what we see as an important local and national debate about how best these community health services, and other services provided by PCTs, should best be governed and organised in the future. It is intended as a resource to PCT boards, management teams and professional executive committees as they clarify plans for their provider services. We recognise that the Department of Health and many other bodies will contribute to this debate over the coming months, and hope that this report will add to that overall process of exploration and discussion.


This project seeks to identify and assess actual and potential arrangements for PCT provider services being put in place as PCTs become organisations that focus more closely on commissioning (as opposed to provision). It sets out a series of possible models for the organisation and governance of community health services currently managed by PCTs, including an assessment of the risks and opportunities of each model. An analysis is also made of the issues facing commissioners as they seek to assess models of provision (and specific provider organisations) for a local area, for it is to PCTs as commissioners that the decision about the local mix of provider organisations will ultimately fall.


Final report - The options for primary care trust provider services (pdf; opens in new window)

Date: 2006
Researchers: Helen Parker, Judith Smith, Tim Freeman (T.Freeman@bham.ac.uk), Adrian Parker
Funder: NHS West Midlands