Reducing unplanned hospital admissions: what does the literature tell us?

The review involved a search of 17 databases and an assessment of 65,812 studies. The review focused on the way care is organised, specific programmes or methods of care, tools to facilitate more effective care, and strategies for involving people in their own care.

The review aimed to identify initiatives that may reduce unscheduled admissions and to suggest any gaps in current local strategies. Because up to 80% of primary care consultations and two thirds of emergency hospital admissions in Britain involve people with long-term conditions, we focussed on initiatives to reduce unscheduled admissions and days in hospital for people with long-term conditions, the frail elderly, and those at high risk of hospitalisation.


This report summarises the results of a literature review of initiatives to reduce emergency admissions.

Reducing unplanned hospital admissions: what does the literature tell us? (PDF)

Date: 2006

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