About Welfare Futures Research Group

The Welfare Futures Research Group seeks to draw together a range of research interests and experiences within the broader field of social policy. In particular, it is focusing upon three particular topics highly prevalent in contemporary welfare debates in the UK and globally.

  • The implications of imposed 'austerity' over the longer term and the consequences for welfare provision.
  • Policy learning and transfer at the local and global level and welfare life courses.
  • Changing contexts (broader issues influencing the development of future welfare provision, e.g. environmentalism, localism and devolution).

The Research Group invites keynote speakers to deliver seminars to discuss these broader themes at the local, devolved, regional, national and global level.

Research in the social sciences has long focused on the situation of the poorest,Current and ongoing research in the Centre covers a broad range of themes, including attitudes to assets and inheritance, housing equity withdrawal and asset-based welfare, measuring deprivation among older people, attitudes towards welfare and inequality, analysis of the dynamics of poverty and its spatial patterning, and the impacts of different forms of housing tenure in Europe. Demonstrating the overlaps with other research centres, projects have also considered the effects of disability on poverty, and on family status.