DRDN Doctoral Researchers

The following lists DRDN doctoral research students and their area of research:

  • Sarah Kate Bennett
    College of Social Policy/IASS
    Researching the identity negotiation of mixed ethnicity in women
  • Rukhsana Bibi
    School of Health and Population Science
    Cultural stories in relation to health and culturally specific obesity and lifestyle intervention programmes
  • Tania Emi Sakanaka
    School of Sport and Exercise Science
    Intrinsic ankle stiffness in the motor control area. Martial arts in general and the co-ordination/motor control related to their practice
  • Farina Kokab
    School of Health and Population Science/Primary Clinical Care
    Investigating health views, the role of socio-cultural factors on health choices, ageing in relatin to diversity and developing dialogues between communities and public services.
  • Maria Pomoni
    School of Psychology
    Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and avoidant eating behaviour or eating disorders in children in general
  • Gin Li
    Human Georgraphy
    Comparative research between Guangzhou, China and Moscow, Russia, in terms of urban regeneration under the background of transition.
  • Diana Castaneda Gameros
    School of Sport and Exercise Science
    The experienc of ageing amoung older migrant women living in Birmingham and its influence on nutrition and physical activity behaviours
  • Asif Afridi
    School of Social Policy/IASS
    Engagement/representation of minority groups in public decision-making.
  • Lenka Mudrova
    Computer Science
    Robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Veysel Erdemli
    School of Government and Society/CREES
    Diasporas, Ethnic minorities, social anthropology, digital ethnography, language and culture, folklore
  • Yishin Lin
    Computational modelling, modern statistical method, visual cognition and sleep science
  • Deyala Hammad Al-Tarawneh
    Urban morphology and the production of urban space. Investigating temporary use strategies of derelict land in a landscape architectural perspective
  • Lailah Alidu
    School of Psychology
    Health behaviour and acculturation. Changes in migrants' health behaviour in the UK compared to that of their home country.
  • Alqahtani Nayilah
    School of Psychology
    Morphology in two languages Arabic and English.