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IRiS International Conference

IRiS Conference 201423 - 25 June 2014

IRiS hosted the first international, interdisciplinary conference on superdiversity in Birmingham from 23-25 June 2014. The conference featured invited lectures, academic and policy panels, workshops and roundtables on topics at the forefront of the superdiversity research agenda. Read conference report.

IRiS Launch

Dr Jenny Phillimore at IRiS launch event13 June 2013

The Institute for Research into Superdiversity, IRiS, was officially launched on the 13th June 2013 at the Banqueting Suite in Birmingham City Council House. The event was attended by over 150 people representing a mix of local community groups, agencies and institutions, and academics from as far afield as Nicaragua and the US. More information and presentation slides are available.


7th December - Ten towns - Birmingham: Unity and diversity

28th November - Redefining Integration

22nd November - IRiS Key Concepts Roundtable on 'Planning for Superdiversity: opportunities and challenges?'

10th November - Super-diversity and recent immigration: pathways of settlement of new migrants in Hackney

8th November - Pathways of settlement among recent migrants in super-diverse contexts

7th November - Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children in the UK

1st November - College of Social Science and IRiS Distinguished Lecture: Charles Gallagher, Fulbright Scholar

12th October - Information event: Practitioner Research Programme (PRP)

29th June - The 'Joking Relationship': Masculinity, humour and everyday multi-culturalism at work'

29th June - Celebrating South Asian music in the West Midlands

23rd June - Building Bridges: Mobilising communities in times of conflict. Experiences from the Ukraine

23rd-24th June - International conference – Frontiers and borders of superdiversity: theory, method and practice

23rd-24th June - International conference – Frontiers and borders of superdiversity: theory, method and practice

24th May - What do we know about communication in superdiverse cities?

19th May - Beyond Borders: How would a Brexit impact UK immigration?

13th May - Communication in the Superdiverse City

5th April - Sociology in and of Birmingham: Studying and celebrating diversity

16th March - My Route Panel Discussion

16th March-27th April - My Route Mini Exhibition

25th February - Making the nation 'safer' and the monolingual mindset: 'suspect communities' and multilingualism in intelligence and armed conflict

23rd February - DRDN Masterclass: How to get your research published

3rd February - Linguistic superdiversity as a "new" theoretical framework in applied linguistics: panacea or nostrum?


29th November 2015-31st March 2016 - Integration and identity for Birmingham's British Poles

19th November - Everyday borders - screening and discussion

11th November - Begging on the streets of Northern Europe

11th November - Key Concepts Roundtable Series: Race and superdiversity: What are the links?

5th November - Intersecting Discourses on Migration in the UK, Germany and Russia

5th November - IRiS joint seminar with Tamsin Barber and Emma Mitchell

22nd October - New Urban Diversities: London perspectives

19th October - Distinguished lecture: Zygmunt Bauman

22nd July - Urban regeneration through migration: empirical evidence and conceptual outline on the German case

2nd July - Rethinking integration: New perspectives on adaptation and settlement in an era of superdiversity

2nd July - Ya' Gotta' love baseball: Resource caravan passageways and immigrant integration

30th June - From multilingualism to superdiversity in corpus linguistics: implications for research

18th June - 'From Nigeria and the Bahamas but...currently living in Belgium: The superdiversification of Global English'

4th June - IRiS Roundtable series - Opportunity or challenge for addressing inequality?

30th April - IRiS Roundtable series - Intersectionality and superdiversity: What's the difference?

17th April - New migrant health beliefs, values and experiences

21st March - TEDx 2015: Britishness, equality and inclusion towards a future manifesto

18th March - DRDN event: Comparative Research Methodology

17th March - Current Research in Superdiversity

20th January - Migrant children and the politics of irregular migration in Malmo and Birmingham: Public seminar

Related events 2015

22/1/15: Inaugural lecture: 'Finding Common Ground: The benefits of diet and physical activity in reducing risks for obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in diverse communities'
Speaker: Professor Janice Lee Thompson, Professor of Public Health and Nutrition and Exercise

Previous events 2014

3/12/14: Assembling Samira: Queering sexual humanitarianism through experimental film making
Speaker(s) : Nick Mai, London Metropolitan University and Aix-Marseille

16/11/14: Varieties of religious superdiversity
Speaker(s) : Professor Martin Stringer, David Cheetham, Sarah Hall, Chris Allen (Birmingham); Linda Woodhead (Lancaster); Helen Hall (Cardiff) and Chris Baker (William Temple Foundation).

25/11/14: An invitation to Superdiversity: Health, wellbeing and superdiversity
Speaker(s) : Laura Griffith

24/11/14: Should I stay or should I go? The return migration of retired migrants from Spain
Speaker(s) : Jordi Giner Monfort, Universitat de Valencia, Spain

19/11/14: How can the law be expected to cope with Superdiversity?
Speaker(s) : Ralph Grillo, University of Sussex

6/11/14: Superdiversity and recent immigration: Pathways of settlement
Dr Susanne Wessendorf

6/11/14: Social Anchoring and Settlement: Adaptation and integration in Birmingham's new Polish community
Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazlowska

5/11/14: Superdiversity and recent immigration: Pathways of settlement (London)
Dr Susanne Wessendorf

3/11/14: Religion and the City: Conversations about Birmingham's religious diversity
Dr Chris Allen

18/9/14 : Examining diet and physical activity behaviours amongst older adults through the lens of superdiversity
Speaker(s) : Professor Jenny Phillimore; Dr Elizabeth Williams; Dr Jose Lara; Professor Janice Thompson; Professor Joan Duda and Dr Antje Lindenmeyer

17/9/14 : Integration for who? Getting on in an era of Superdiversity - Inaugural lecture by Professor Jenny Phillimore

23-25/6/14 : IRiS International Conference - Superdiversity: Theory, method and practice in an era of change

9/4/14 : Seeking sanctuary in the UK and the Netherlands. A comparison of the impact of asylum and integration policies on refugee integration
Speaker: Linda Bakker from the University of Rotterdam

26/2/2014 : Seminar Series: Conviviality, encounter, diversity, migration: But where did race go? Thinking about multiculture by bringing sociologies of race and superdiversity together
Speaker: Sarah Neal, University of Surrey

12/2/14 : Seminar Series: Struggles against subjection: the consequences of criminalization of migration on migrants' everyday lives
Speaker: Agnieszka Kubal, University of Oxford. Podcast available.

29/1/14 : Seminar Series: Making up a passport: hyper-documentation and the ethics of 'illegal' residence in Russia and Kyrgyzstan
Speaker: Madeleine Reeves, University of Manchester

15/1/14 : Seminar Series: Beyond Reason: The philosophy and politics of immigration
Speaker: Philip Cole, University of the West of England and convened by Dr Nando Sigona and Dr Katherine Tonkiss, University of Birmingham. Podcast and Blog available.

Previous events 2013

4/12/13 : The future of diversity research: Roundtable
This roundtable was an opportunity for presenting the special issue of the journal Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power on ‘Ethnography, Diversity and the Urban Space’ edited by Berg, Gidley and Sigona.

13/6/13 : IRiS Launch 
Official launch event held at the Banqueting Suite in Birmingham City Council House and attended by over 150 people representing a mix of local community groups, agencies and institutions, and academics from as far afield as Nicaragua and the USA. More information and presentations

26/3/13 : Responding to contemporary multilingual realities (MOSAIC Conference) 
Lisa Goodson and Jenny Phillimore presented a paper on 'Responding to the challenges of superdiversity and multilingualism in research practice' at the MOSAIC conference. More information and presentations

25/3/13 : EU Accession Migration: Taking stock and looking forward - the West Midlands Experience 
Event jointly organised by IRiS, the West Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership, Migrants Rights Network and the Migrants in Rural Areas (MIRA) project).  More information and presentations

Previous events 2012

5/11/12 : Migrant maternity in the age of superdiversity
Research undertaken by Jenny Phillimore explored the issues facing migrant women giving birth and the challenges experienced by service providers supporting them. More information and presentations 

24/10/12: Steven Vertovec Guest Lecture: Diversification and 'diversity': configurations, representations and encounters 
Steven Vertovec gave a guest lecture as part of the College of Social Science Distinguished Speaker series. More information and presentations

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