Work package 1

In work package 1 we will recruit 30 fathers plus their children. We will work with schools, religious institutions, community sports clubs, children’s centres and large employers as well as using social and other media to identify and invite overweight fathers to take part. 

The group facilitators will be trained by the Fatherhood Institute using the materials developed by the HDHK team in Australia, ensuring the intervention is culturally adapted for the UK multi-ethnic population both in content and delivery style.

During the programme, two members of the research team will observe sessions and conduct structured 20 minute telephone interviews with the facilitators and participants to explore acceptability of the intervention, timing and location as well as training needs assessment for facilitators.

Interested fathers will be asked to attend a baseline recruitment session with their children, or be assessed at home. If eligible, all participants will undertake the intervention and follow-up will take place at the final session.

Any participant who ceases to attend will be invited to undertake a telephone interview to explore their views.