Therapies for Long COVID in non-hospitalised individuals: the TLC Study

A major new £2.2m government-funded research project to improve the treatment, causes and symptoms of Long COVID in non-hospitalised patients.

Major £2.2m research project launched to investigate 'Long COVID'
The TLC Study | Therapies for Long COVID




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27 April 2022

New tool to assess Long COVID symptoms

A comprehensive tool that can assess the symptoms of Long COVID has been developed at the University of Birmingham for use in research and clinical care.

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Our Long COVID webinars are now available to watch online, see 'Latest videos' for more.

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TLC Study webinar part 1: "How did you feel when you realised you had COVID?"

TLC Study webinar part 2: "How do you cope with Long COVID on a day to day basis?"

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COVID-19 has knocked me sideways, with a long and debilitating battle since initially becoming ill in March last year... Each day is baby steps in terms of recovery, but almost one year on I am still battling a myriad of symptoms from memory loss to difficulties breathing, pins and needles, and immobility.

Long COVID Sufferer


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