About us 

B-Film: The Birmingham Centre for Film Studies is an interdisciplinary and international research centre at the University of Birmingham that is wholly inclusive of all scholars working in film-related areas of research.

B-Film is co-directed by Professor Rob Stone and Dr Andrew Watts, has an inter-departmental management group and benefits from an international advisory body. B-Film is defined by its research expertise, externally-funded research projects and contributions to film culture on an academic, public, local and global scale. Membership and expertise is drawn primarily from the departments of Film and Creative Writing and Modern Languages but is also wholly inclusive and welcomes scholars and postgraduates from all academic areas. B-Film is committed to placing film-related research activity at the University of Birmingham within the context of European, North American and World territories through interdepartmental and inter-institutional strategic collaborations that enhance the University’s global reputation.

B-Film provides a solid basis and excellent collaborative initiatives for building networks and groupings that enable researchers to work with regional and national higher education institutions, local and national organisations and policy-makers, as well as academic, cultural, popular and industrial partners worldwide. 

B-Film is ideally placed to respond to the changing funding strategies of various research bodies and several major research projects and externally-funded projects are currently thriving at Birmingham. It provides a first-stop source for information on the research supervision available at the University of Birmingham and a showcase for the high-profile range of publications produced by its members.

Any enquiries about the activities of B-Film, research collaboration and supervision, please contact us.