The Birmingham Centre for Environmental and Energy Economics and Management (BCEEEM) brings together individuals from a variety of disciplines to examine the complex relationship between economic activity and the environment.

Topics focussed on by our academics include:

  • The factors influencing the environmental behaviour of firms including the roles played by environmental regulations and innovation (Cole, Elliott)
  • Management of environmental impacts within multinational firms; Decoupling environmental commitments and actions; Flood recovery and resilience (Brammer)
  • Energy and the environment, with a particular focus on China, including the roles played by oil prices, trade and innovation (Herrerias, Elliott)
  • The intersection between nature and accounting calculation, including accounting within markets for tropical forest carbon offsets, and accounting within markets for ecosystem services (Cuckston)
  • Complexity science and agent-based modelling for the energy market; marketing and sustainability (Zhang)
  • International trade and the environment (Cole, Elliott, Bensassi, Herrerias)
  • Environmental policy and energy policy, particularly in the EU (Fernandez)
  • Cost-benefit analysis and the choice of the appropriate social discount rate; climate change economics; the non-market valuation (Maddison)
  • Energy and climate policy in the UK and US; Global climate change negotiations (Vezirgiannidou)
  • Analysing poverty-environment relationships; natural resource governance (Nunan)
  • The impact of natural disasters on firms (Cole, Elliott)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability (Robinson)