Translation as invention: Martin Crimp's re-enactment of translation in his writing for theatre

ERI Building - G52
Arts and Law, Research
Tuesday 21st February 2017 (14:00-15:00)
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  • Research Seminar Series

Speaker: Dr Geraldine Brodie (University College London)

In his 2008 play The City, Martin Crimp depicts a surreal world where translation questions reality. As a playwright and translator, Crimp recognises the translational struggle between invention and reproduction. This seminar studies Crimp’s representation and employment of translation in his own plays and considers how his theoretical and practical engagement with this activity informs his translations and adaptations for the stage. Geraldine Brodie will discuss Crimp’s approaches to translation and trace his voice across different theatrical text types, examining its significance for the investigation of authorial presence in translation.

Venue: ERI Building, Room G52