Translation and convergence: new sites, new models

ERI Building - G52
Arts and Law, Research
Tuesday 24th January 2017 (14:00-15:00)
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  • Research Seminar Series

Speaker: Dr Anna Strowe (University of Manchester)

Venue: ERI Building, Room G52

Media scholars over the last few decades have revealed convergence as a powerful force in communication and the flow of culture. As a process of transmission through and between media as well as across other cultural, political, and linguistic boundaries, convergence must be part of any wider discussion of how textual transmission occurs, including my current areas of study: book history and translation studies. In particular, in order for any translation studies to pretend to address the issues raised by new media and new forms of textual interaction, it must be able to comprehend the presence of convergence as well as its mechanisms and dynamics. This presentation will explore some of the ways in which convergence can be used as a parallel framework for thinking about translation as well as how translation might need to account for processes of convergence.