Events in the Birmingham Centre for Translation

Forthcoming events will be announced here shortly.

Past events


  • 6th December - Cultural intertextuality in the French translations of E. Nesbit's 'Five Children and It'
  • 29th November - Getting into literary translation
  • 22nd November - Holocaust poetry as communication, and the role of the translator
  • 15th November - Specialisation or diversification: starting out as a freelance translator in the digital marketplace
  • 8th November - Self-translation and the 'Politics of (In)digestion'. From appropriation to resistance in the stateless literatures of Spain
  • 3rd November - Web-as-Corpus approaches and tools for translators
  • 25th October - English as a Literature in Translation
  • 18th October - Three strategies for success
  • 12th October - Cognitive transformations: the literary archive
  • 28th June - Grammar lessons and language games: translating Tagore and Wittgenstein on children's education
  • 10th May - Translation Studies Research Forum: Transcultural Reading
  • 26th April - Understanding the translation of children's literature, using stylistics, narrative theory, and parallel corpora
  • 22nd March - Making the most of your language degree: a workshop on freelance translation
  • 3rd March - The challenges facing translators in the 21st Century: glossaries and machine translation
  • 1st March - Don't mind the gap
  • 9th February - Desterrada - the translation and reception of Maria Barbal's Stone in a Landslide
  • 4th February - Interpreting: from the Basque Country to the UK
  • 28th January - Linguistic model or advocacy model? - the different faces of interpreting
  • 26th January - Italian Ink and American Deserts: Influences, Adaptations and Fascist Exploitation of the Italian comics genre in a historical perspective
  • 23rd January - Collaborative translation and self-translation
  • 21st January - Technical translation - machine translation


  • 7th December - Transnational literature: paradigms and practices
  • 3rd December - Getting down to the 'nitty gritty': the daily practicalities of working as a freelance technical translator
  • 1st December - Translating Zola and Bernard Noël: when can signifiers and signifieds 'play'?
  • 26th November - From translation practice to theory and back again
  • 17th November - Borrowed Words: Brodsky's collaborative self-translation
  • 12th November - A brief introduction and a "cost-benefit-analysis" from a member's point of view
  • 27th October - The reception of contemporary classics in the English-speaking world
  • 15th October - A talk with Basque writer Kirmen Uribe
  • 1st May - Crimes in translation
  • 23rd-24th April - Translation talk
  • 5th March - The accidental interpreter
  • 26th February-5th March - Careers in conference interpreting
  • 25th February - The Prohibited Peter Pan: Monteiro Lobato's politicized translation
  • 18th February - The Caribbean in translation
  • 29th January - On the beach with The Fear: Judging a literary translation prize
  • 22nd January - Life after the MA: Working for SDL and TBW


  • 4th December - CIOL membership and what it can do for me?
  • 27th November - Living language
  • 23rd November - Portuguese-English Verb Dictionaries: focus on students' needs and on cross-cultural language contrast
  • 13th November - Translating for a multilingual Europe
  • 13th November - Fischi per fiaschi - traduzioni e tribulazioni
  • 8th October - Distant voices, connected stories
  • 13th May - Translation Studies Research Forum 2014 and BCT launch
  • 16th April - Short stories in translation
  • 27th March - Translating the old and the new: how long does a translation last?
  • 13th March - An introduction to the Institute of Translation & Interpreting
  • 5th March - "The Full Monty" into Europe? Issues of cultural untranslatability from a comparative perspective: investigating the German and French versions of this 1990s British comedy
  • 25th February - Translating Frantz Fanon


  • 5th December - Three strategies for success
  • 28th November - What's the future for publishing literary translations?
  • 14th November - Succeeding as a freelance translator
  • 12th November - Popular science across cultures: cultural identities in image and text
  • 7th March - Joining a Professional Body
  • 21st February - Working for a Translation Company
  • 7th February - Working as a Freelance Translator


  • 22nd November - Translating for the EU
  • 8th November - Multilingualism in the EU
  • 25th October - Literary Translation – a Publisher's and a Translator's View