Boccace et la France

Dr Elizabeth L’Estrange is giving a paper entitled "Translaté de vieil langaige et prose en nouveau et rime: la Téseïde de Boccace et Le Beau roman d’Anne de Graville" at the conference ‘Boccace et la France’, 24-26 October in Paris.

Her paper explores the ‘translation’ by Anne de Graville, of Boccaccio’s Teseida that was made for Queen Claude of France. Produced in about 1520, Anne stated that she worked her ‘new, rhymed version’ out of the ‘old prose one’ – meaning that she probably drew on a fifteenth century prose adaptation of the Teseida as well as perhaps turning to the original. Dr L’Estrange’s paper looks in particular at how Anne de Graville’s adaptation, and the illustrations in the dedicatory manuscript, were designed to appeal to female readers at the French court who were interested in the on-going querelle des femmes.