MA in Translation Studies is awarded the EMT accreditation during official bestowal ceremony

EMT bestowal

Last September, Dr Sofia Malamatidou received on behalf of BCT the official EMT certificate for the MA in Translation Studies.

The certificate was bestowed by Director-General of DG Translation, Rytis Martikonis. Representatives from over 60 EU university-members of the EMT network were present at the ceremony, which was followed by the EMT’s annual meeting, during which universities exchanged good practices in translation teaching, and discussed future developments.

EMT (European Masters in Translation) is a quality label by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Translation to Masters programmes that comply with their strict quality specifications. A committee of experts assessed MA programmes based on the structure the programme, coverage of identified EMT competences, available human resources, infrastructure and career support and mentoring. Out of the 114 postgraduate programmes that applied, only 64 were awarded the prestigious EMT label. Birmingham was one of the 12 UK universities receiving the certificate.

The main goal of EMT is to improve the quality of translator training and to get highly skilled people to work as translators in the EU. Students who attend EMT accredited programmes can benefit from getting priority for an (unpaid) traineeship in DG Translation and the possibility to apply for a work placement in the language industry (thanks to agreements between EMT and professional associations).