Professor Susan Bassnett to give keynote lecture at Translation Research Forum

Professor Susan Bassnett, Honorary Director of the Birmingham Centre for Translation (BCT), will give a keynote lecture at this year’s Translation Studies Research Forum.

Professor Bassnett is a leading figure internationally in the field of Translation Studies. Her recent books include the 4th edition of her seminal textbook Translation Studies (Routledge, 2013) and Translation (2014) for the Routledge New Critical Idiom series.

The Translation Studies Research Forum is an annual event organised by BCT. This year's Forum will take place on Tuesday 10 May and will focus on the theme of "Transcultural Reading". Along with Professor Bassnett’s keynote lecture “Detective Fiction Translated: Shifting Patterns of Reception”, there will be talks by Dr Beth Driscoll (Melbourne), Balsam Mustafa (Birmingham), Dr Natasha Rulyova (Birmingham) and Dr Chantal Wright (Warwick).

The Forum ties in with a project currently being run by BCT members Dr Danielle Fuller and Dr Gabriela Saldanha on "Reading Transculturally, Consuming Foreignness? Investigating Reading Fiction in Translation in the West Midlands" which looks at practices of reading around translated literature in the UK generally and in the West Midlands in particular.

The Forum is open to everybody; advance registration is not necessary.