People in the Birmingham Institute for Forest Research

BIFoR Directors

Professor Rob MacKenzie

Professor Rob MacKenzie

Director, Birmingham Institute of Forest Research
Professor of Atmospheric Science

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

60 second video iconRob MacKenzie is an atmospheric scientist with a particular interest in how plants affect air composition. Watch a video of him describing one aspect of his research in 60 seconds by clicking on the play icon above. 

As a result of a £15M grant, the University of Birmingham has set up the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR), of which Rob is delighted to be ...

+44 (0)121 414 6142

Professor Jeremy Pritchard

Professor Jeremy Pritchard

Professor of Life Sciences Education
Director of Education, College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Birmingham University Teaching Fellow (BUTF)

School of Biosciences

I am a Professor of Life Sciences Education at the University of Birmingham. My research career started with roots in Wales and currently focuses on aphids in Birmingham with stops in the USA, New Zealand and Europe in between. My teaching spans field ecology through to plant functional genomics.

As a card-carrying Darwinist I am involved in teaching evolution at all levels from ...

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BIFoR Directors 

The Directors of BIFoR are Professor Rob MacKenzie, Prof Jeremy Pritchard & Prof Nicola Spence.  

BIFoR Champions 

We have BIFoR Champions throughout the University, most are members of the BIFoR Board and champion BIFoR within their colleges.  Our College representatives are:

  • Professor William Bloss (College of Life and Environmental Sciences)
  • Professor Tim Dafforn (College of Life and Environmental Sciences)
  • Professor David Hannah (College of Life and Environmental Sciences)
  • Professor Jeff McDonnel (College of Life and Environmental Sciences)
  • Prof Jeremy Pritchard (College of Life and Environmental Sciences)
  • Professor David Maddison (College of Social Sciences)
  • Dr Andrew Quinn (College of Engineering and Physical Sciences)
  • Dr Frank Uekötter (College of Art and Law) 

BIFoR Professional Service Staff 

Deanne Brettle - Project Administrator 
Gael Denny - Field Technician BIFoR FACE facility 
Nicholas Harper - Senior Engineer FACE facility
Dr Kris Hart  - Operations Manager 
Peter Miles - Field Technician BIFoR FACE facility 

The number of academic members of staff affiliated to BIFoR has grown quickly.  University of Birmingham staff and students whose research interest is related to forested landscapes should consider themselves as part of the wider Institute of Forest Research. A list of people actively involved in research at the BIFoR FACE Facility is also available here.

To follow is a list of academic staff and students already affiliated with BIFoR.

College of Life and Environmental Sciences

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Aileen Baird (PhD student)

Edward Bannister (PhD student) 

Dr Rebecca Bartlett

Dr Lesley Batty

Dr James Bendle

Prof William Bloss

Alfred Bockarie

Dr Chris Bradley

Dr Xiaoming Cai

Dr Lee Chapman

Dr Julian Clark

Dr Giulio Curioni

Dr Simon Dixon

Edward Eaton (PhD student) 

Dr Yvette Eley

Dr Steven Emery 

Professor Ian Fairchild

Dr Emma Ferranti (Ambassador for Weather and Climate)

Dr Sophie Hadfield-Hill

Ben Howard (PhD student) 

Tony Hyacinth

Dr Jason Hilton

Dr Peter Hopcroft

Polly Jarman (PhD student) 

Dr Nicholas Kettridge

Jenny Knight 

Angeliki Kourmouli

Prof Peter Kraftl

Prof Stefan Krause

Dr Joshua Larsen

Dr Gregor Leckebush

Dr Peter Lee

Dr James Levine (Ambassador for the Built Environment)

Prof Rob MacKenzie

Dr Thomas Matthews

Jeff McDonnell  

Dr Christian Pfrang

Prof Francis Pope

Dr Tom Pugh

Sue Quick

Jim Reynolds

Prof Jon Sadler 

Prof Greg Sambrook-Smith

Dr Zongbo Shi

Dr Roberto Sommariva

Dr Rick Thomas

Dr Sami Ullah

Dr Anne Van Loon

Bridget Warren (PhD student) 

Dr Sebastian Watt

School of Biosciences

Prof James Bentley Brown

Dr Juliet Coates

Liam Crowley (PhD student) 

Prof Tim Dafforn 

Anna Gardner (PhD student) 

Dr Scott Hayward

Dr Graeme Kettles

Dr Estrella Luna-Diez

Prof Lynne Macaskie

Prof Robin May

Dr Carolina Mayoral 

Prof Jeremy Pritchard

Dr Susannah Thorpe

Clare Ziegler (PhD student) 

School of Psychology

Dr Ali Mazaheri

Prof Jane Raymond

Eszter Toth (PhD student) 

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Dr Rosemary Dyson

Bruno Fraga

James Hale

Dr Mike Jesson

Joanne Leach

Dr Chris Mayhew

Dr Andrew Quinn

Dr David Soper

Prof Joe Wood

College of Arts and Law

Dr Louise Hardwick

Prof Corey Ross

Dr Frank Uekotter

College of Social Sciences

Prof David Maddison

Vilane Goncalves-Sales  

Prof Fiona Nunan

Previous staff of University of Birmingham who have moved on

Will Allwood

Phil Blaen

Liz Hamilton

Francesca Jarvis-Rouse

Iain Johnstone 

Gary McClean

Alex Poynter

Prof Michael Tausz 

Dr Sabine Tausz-Posch 

Previous Distinguished Visiting Fellows

Prof Dave Ellsworth - University of Western Sydney 

Dr Kristine Crous - University of Western Sydney 

Dr Debbie Hemming - Met Office

Prof Sharon Robinson

Prof Tait Keller

Dr Teresa Blume

Dr Mantha S. Phanikumar