Dr Emma Ferranti

Emma Ferranti

Meet the BIFoR Interdisciplinary Leadership Fellow for Weather and Climate 

Dr Emma Ferranti has joined our team of Interdisciplinary Research Fellows. Emma is a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow working on a range of infrastructure/climate projects with Birmingham City Council and other project partners.  Emma has already been a tremendous asset to BIFoR helping to encourage undergraduate students to become involved in volunteering.

Emma was a speaker at a Royal Forestry Society initiated workshop entitled, “Widening Engagement and Diversity in Forestry and Forest Science” in 2016. 

The issue of diversity in the forestry workforce, and widening engagement in forestry careers is essential if the UK is to nurture the next generation of forestry professionals who must be capable of responding to the complex environmental challenges of the 21st century.  A small group of delegates were invited to represent a range of views from the forestry sector, including early career professionals, employers and other stakeholders.

A copy of the report from the meeting can be downloaded here