The Water Sciences Research Theme at the University of Birmingham School of Geography Earth and Environmental Studies (GEES) has a large number of researchers, including the ecohydrology team Dr Sophie Comer-Warner, Prof David Hannah, Dr Nick Kettridge, Dr Kieran Khamis, Prof Stefan Krause, Dr Joshua Larsen, Prof Alexandra Milner.  All recent publications from the water sciences research theme team are available on the Water Sciences Research Theme webpages. A few of the publications are listed below also. 

Doctoral Research 

Recent Publications

Comer-Warner, S.A., Gooddy, DC., Ullah, S., Glover, L., Percival, A., Kettridge, N., & Krause, S. (2019) Seasonal variability of sediment controls of carbon cycling in an agricultural stream, Science of the Total Environment, vol. 688, pp. 732-741.

Comer-Warner, S.A., Romeijn, P., Gooddy, D.C., Ullah, S., Kettridge, N., Marchant, B., Hannah, D.M. & Krause, S. (2019) Addendum: Thermal sensitivity of CO2 and CH4 emissions varies with streambed sediment properties, Nature Communications, vol. 10, no. 1, 3093 .

Mao, F., Khamis, K, Krause, S., Clark, J. & Hannah, D. (2019) Low-cost environmental sensor networks: recent advances and future directions. Frontiers in Earth Science, vol. 7, 221.

Romeijn, P, Comer-Warner, S.A., Ullah, S., Hannah, D.M. & Krause, S. (2019) Streambed organic matter controls on carbon dioxide and methane emissions from streams. Environmental Science and Technology, vol. 53, no. 5, pp. 2364-2374.