Prunus (Cherry) Research


Bacteriophages – a safe and natural alternative for treating cherry canker?

A new research project funded by the 'Bacterial Plant Diseases' call examining Pseudomonas bacterial pathogens of Prunus (Cherry Trees) started in September 2020, with Dr Mojgan Rabiey and Prof. Rob Jackson. This collaboration with NIAB will examine how bacterial pathogens evolve on wild, ornamental and sweet cherry varieties and try to understand how we can improve management and control of these diseases.


Neale, H. C., Hulin, M. T., Harrison, R. J., Jackson, R. W., & Arnold, D. L. (2021). Transposon Mutagenesis of Pseudomonas syringae Pathovars syringae and morsprunorum to Identify Genes Involved in Bacterial Canker Disease of Cherry. Microorganisms, 9(6), 1328. Retrieved from