Partnership working

The Institute was made possible by a £15 million donation from the JABBS Foundation and a significant University investment. We are now seeking further support to cover the cost of the CO2 needed for the FACE experiment, and are very keen to speak with potential corporate partners.

The chance to be involved in a project like BIFoR does not come around often. Indeed, the current speed and extent of deforestation – together with the catastrophic implications of unchecked climate change in general – means that we cannot be sure that we will get another opportunity if we do not act now. We have taken decisive steps to confront this problem and are looking for like-minded organisations who share our vision.

The Institute represents an amazing opportunity for an organisation that is committed to environmental responsibility and wishes to demonstrate this publicly. It would also allow a firm to cement their position as a respected, influential organisation at the cutting edge of scientific progress, and to raise awareness of their brand through their contribution to an invaluable, high profile initiative.  

There is so much research that could be done and should be done that we are actively seeking out opportunities to work in partnership with organisations be it Higher Education Institutes, governmental organisations, non-governmental organisation.  If you would be interested in working with the University of Birmingham then we are always looking for new partnership working possibilities. Please do get in touch.

The BIFoR Advisory Group includes members of the JABBS Foundation, Forestry Commission, the Woodlands Trust, BGI, Natura PLC as well as representatives from the University of Aberdeen, University of Edinburgh and University of Manchester.

We are also working closely with representatives of the University of Exeter, Swansea University, Lancaster University, University of Bristol, Forestry Commission (Forest Research), Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Western Sydney University - Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment- EucFACE, the Open University, the University of Southampton and the Met Office on our baseline data collection.  

RS Hydro have been contracted to provide a wide range of mobile monitoring equipment and two permanent water quality monitoring stations with telemetry capabilities at the BIFoR FACE Facility. Download the Case Study for more info (PDF 4Mb).

Shaylor Group were the contractors appointed to build the BIFoR FACE Facility.  Download their infographic here to find out more (PDF 483Kb).

silixa-logoIn July, 2015 Silixa Ltd., a leading manufacturer of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) instruments along BIFoR launched an ambitious monitoring campaign as part of the ground-breaking Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment. Read more here  and here.