Volunteer specialists

Opportunity for Specialists

Do you have a particular area of expertise that you would be willing to share? Perhaps you know “know your fungi”, or are a butterfly/moth or dragonfly enthusiast, a photographer? Would you be able to offer some time to work on this 10 year experiment? Will you be the person that spots a significant change to maybe even just a tiny part of a forest ecosystem that has been exposed to elevated CO2? Please note most of these opportunities are at the BIFoR FACE Facility  in Staffordshire. If you would be interested to share your expertise through volunteering please do get in touch with Dee Brettle at d.brettle@bham.ac.uk or call 0121 4146146 

Great examples 

Kris Hart has been leading a project with volunteers Umar Hussain and Jamie Rogers who are dedicating some of their valuable time & skills to work on a webpage development project on behalf of, and in consultation with, BIFoR FACE. Umar contacted us directly with his offer upon learning more about the reseach underway.  The project team are aiming to produce a professional webpage to display BIFoR’s data for both research and outreach.

We're extremely greatful to local(to BIFoR FACE) resident Ralph Ransom. Ralph has been visiting BIFoR FACE regularly and during each visit he records his observations of seasonal change in the woodland.  

Martin Godfrey, from the British Bryological Society, visited BIFoR FACE and completed a Bryophyte survey In October 2016. He intends to do a follow up survey soon.