Interdisciplinary Research

Our  interdiscplinary research is strengthed greatly by the Forest Edge Doctoral Scholarship programme (DSP) funded by the Leverhulme Trust.  This came online in October 2018. The programme has recruited around 18 PhD students over the four years and by October 2021 we will have recruited all students and some will have graduated! Projects are rooted in a strongly disciplinary setting, but set out to explore interdisciplinary challenges. 

It is difficult to categorise research into 'boxes' however below are some signposts to the great interdiscpinary research underway at the University of Birmingham.

On #IUFROWorldDay 28-29 September 2021 take a moment to view details of our research and consider bookmarking some of the pages to come back to watch some of our interesting videos such as James Levine's talk on Urban Trees and Clean Air (see Green Infrastructure below) or Frank Uekötter's video describing his new research project - The Making of Monoculture: A Global History (see Environmental History)

Forthcoming events

3 & 4 November 2021 - Trees for the Future - Diversity and complexity for resilience and carbon storage

26 & 27 January 2022 - Transforming our understanding of global forests BIFoR 6th Annual Community Meeting - global forest research


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Int Economics
Int Ecosystem Engineering
Int Environmental History
Int Green Infrastructure & the Urban Forest


Int Health and Wellbeing
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