Ecosystem Engineering 

Dr Joshua Larsen is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography. His research interests include:  Hydrology, ecohydrology, biogeochemistry, water quality, and palaeohydrology. Dr Larsen has a particular interest in the natural ecosystem engineering by beavers. He was recently part of a successful bid to the Treescapes UK fund led by the University of Manchester. The project 'Creative Adaptive Solutions for Treescapes Of Rivers (CASTOR) identifies that over 200,000 km of rivers and streams in England, with potential for restoring riparian woodland, present a substantial opportunity for meeting the UK government’s goal of 17% tree cover by 2050, achieving carbon storage and sequestration, water quality amelioration, habitat creation and flood prevention in the process. CASTOR will explore and provide solutions to the challenges that this restoration might present. CASTOR will identify unique opportunities through which riparian woodland (along rivers and waterways) can promote and protect natural and cultural heritage, deliver nature recovery through wilder, better connected landscapes, and build climate resilience.

Dr Joshua Larsen and Prof Phillip Davies (EPS) supervise PhD student Bruno Santos. Bruno started his PhD study in 2020, as part of his research he asks "Can forest filters help solve our wastewater crisis?" More information about Bruno's research is available in his poster from the BIFoR 2021 Annual Meeting. 

Recent Publications 

Larsen A., Lane S. and Larsen J. (2020). Dam busy: beavers and their influence on the structure and function of river corridor hydrology, geomorphology, biogeochemistry and ecosystems. Pre print available 


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