Environmental History 

Prof Frank Uekötter is working on environmental issues, both past and present, in a global context.  Frank  recently received a prestigious Advanced Grant from the European Research Council of £1.74M (€2M) for his project, The Making of Monoculture: A Global History

Prof Uekötter describes new research project - The Making of Monoculture: A Global History.
Learning from Disaster by Frank Uekötter
Soil Trouble - Frank Uekötter presents at the Nobel Conference 54

He has published books about German environmental history as well as a reflection on where environmentalism is standing in the twenty-first century. Frank is building a research group on the global world of monoculture that seeks to understand why production systems all over the world, from coniferous forests in central Europe to soybeans in Brazil are tilting towards a reliance on a single crop during the modern era. The working argument is that there may be something akin to a “mind of monoculture,” which we can observe in very different societies all over the world.

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