Mathematics of Forests

The following significant research studies involve students who are either based in or have supervisors based in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. 

*Edward Bannister:
Prof Rob MacKenzie and Dr Mike Jesson   
Year of study:
PhD: Environmental aerodynamics of the BIFoR FACE site-  using large-eddy simulation (LES) to study flow dynamics. 
Further informationPoster 2019 

Bradly Deeley:
Supervisors: Dr Natalia Petrovskaya  and Dr Rosemary Dyson  
Year of study: Second
PhD: Biological invasion of plant species poses a major threat both to the ecosystem and the economy. My research involves developing a mathematical and computational model of biological invasion, to predict how invasive plants will be spreading when the landscape conditions in the forest are changed by building a road. The main hypothesis I investigate is that roads provide an ideal environment for invasive species to spread.  
Further information: Poster 2021

*Clare Ziegler:
Dr Rosemary Dyson & Iain Johnston 
Year of study: Graduant 
PhD: Quantitative modelling of root growth and carbon allocation: bridging   theory and experiment:
Roots bridge plants and soils, two central players in the carbon cycle, and   constitute a vital and poorly understood aspect of carbon processing in ecosystems across the globe. Clare will use cutting-edge statistical and simulation tools to analyse lab and ecosystem observations of root structure, to elucidate the micro- and mesoscopic physical role of elevated carbon budgets.
Further information: Poster 2019 

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